James Mallison

Tech Lead at trivago - Conference Speaker - Trainer

Experienced in providing high-quality educational hands-on training for your team

I offer tried and tested training and half-day / full-day workshops on the following topics and more:

  • Object Oriented Programming and Design
  • Dependency Injection, SOLID Principles, Design Patterns
  • Distributed, Realtime Communication ready for Enterprise with WebSockets
  • Software and Technical Architecture
  • Symfony and Doctrine usage and best practices including all versions
  • General PHP introductions and more advanced usage from version 5 up to 7.2
  • Software Security best practices including OWASP
  • Soft skills including getting started with conference speaking and moving into technical leadership

The workshops suit all levels and are easily adaptable to different team sizes and skill levels.
Each member of your team from junior to senior will walk away having learned new skills that they can use for their careers and to make your business more efficient and modern. Contact me!